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The effects of a project’s construction phase can last much longer than the construction phase itself. Land development can bring with it the effects of sedimentation and the exposure of pollutants runoff to storm drains or surrounding bodies of water during construction.

Owners and contractors alike should be aware of their accountability regarding their state’s regulations for stormwater control to avoid the potential of penalties or legal action. It is in their best interest to institute the most effective Best Management Practice (BMP) to minimize any adverse environmental impacts.

GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. offers a stormwater BMP that is both cost-effective and earth-friendly. GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. utilizes its GMS Soil Optimizer and Land Reclaimer products and application processes to treat and maintain stormwater conditions.

Laboratory testing on GMS Soil Optimizer and Land Reclaimer attests to the safety of the products to both soil and groundwater. The application of these products provides an effective and environmentally-safe means for remedying problems due to stormwater absorption and runoff.

Characteristics of Stormwater

Pollutants from a project can be absorbed into the grounds of a project site via stormwater absorption. Excess stormwater that does not absorb into the surface has the potential to become surface runoff, which can flow into surface waterways or channel into storm sewers.

The threat of contaminants tainting soil and water supplies is heightened unless BMPs are implemented. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as local state regulatory agencies, mandate that projects implement BMPs to control the potential for contamination created by a project’s activities.

GreenMarket Solutions Services

GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. provides the services necessary to respond to problems related to stormwater

A qualified field supervisor and staff will perform the various steps involved in the process:

  • Site Assessment
  • Site Preparation
  • Site Corrective Action
  • Site Follow-Up and Testing

Your assigned field supervisor will be available to you throughout the project to keep you apprised of all steps and to address your questions or concerns.

Benefits of GreenMarket Solutions Stormwater Control Services

Provides a full service solution for treating sites affected by stormwater

  • Effective treatment for remediating contaminated soil and groundwater, converting soil contaminants to carbon dioxide, ash, and water, which are environmentally-safe by-products.
  • Effective treatment for converting clay-based, hard-to-drain soil that accumulates water to a loamy soil that percolates.

Provides a long-term remediation process

  • Biodegradation attacks dead organic matter, including all petroleum based materials, such as fuels, pesticides, herbicides, termiticides, and other derivatives. Native bacteria growth is greatly accelerated by the process, which in turn continues to clean any of the remaining product used in the process.

Provides environmentally-friendly solutions

  • Products are designed to maximize the potential of soil’s characteristics while eliminating the generation of hazardous substances.
  • Processes allow energy and resource conservation