GMS Services. Bioremediation & Phytoremediation


The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program has demonstrated the importance and business viability of assessing, safely cleaning, and revitalizing properties suffering from the presence of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants in their locations.

GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. can play an important role for your site clean-up projects through the following services:

  • GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. utilizes its GMS Land Reclaimer product and application process to bioremediate contaminated properties in-situ.
  • GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. utilizes its GMS Soil Optimizer and Grace's Rooting Compound products and application processes to improve conditions for phytoremediation.

Laboratory testing on GMS products attest to the safety of the product to both soil and groundwater. The application of GMS Soil Stabilizer provides an effective and environmentally-safe means for promoting the clean-up of contaminated sites.

GreenMarket Solutions Services

GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. provides the services necessary to assist in project clean-ups.

A qualified field supervisor and staff will perform the various steps involved in the process:

  • Site Assessment
  • Site Preparation
  • Site Corrective Action
  • Site Follow-Up

Your assigned field supervisor will be available to you throughout the project to keep you apprised of all steps and to address your questions or concerns.

Benefits of the GreenMarket Solutions Land Reclaimer Process for Bioremediation and Soil Optimizer and Grace’s Rooting Compound for Phytoremediation:

Land Reclaimer Process for Bioremediation
  • Provides an eco-friendly solution to remediating soil.
  • Designed to maximize the potential of soil’s characteristics while eliminating the generation of hazardous substances. By-products of process are carbon dioxide, water, and ash – all safe for the environment.
  • Provides an in-situ clean-up process, allowing for energy and resource conservation.

Soil Optimizer Process for Phytoremediation
  • Converts high clay content soil that does not drain to a loamy soil that percolates and provides optimal soil conditions for plant growth.
  • Designed to maximize the potential of soil’s characteristics while eliminating the generation of hazardous substances.

Grace’s Rooting Compound Treatment for Phytoremediation

  • Provides a safe, effective and inexpensive root stimulant solution for plant propagation for the commercial and home grower alike. Treatment stimulates rooting of herbaceous & woody cuttings.
  • Product is self sanitizing, so cross contamination problems are practically eliminated.
  • Liquid dip root stimulant allows the propagator to easily select the appropriate concentration for the type of cutting, enabling uniformity of coverage and more rapid absorption than powders.
  • Federal EPA approved -environmentally safe and categorized as non-toxic by the EPA.