GMS Services. Pavement & Road Construction


GreenMarket Solutions, Inc offers consultation and training services for the proper application of the GMS Soil Stabilizer product toward the preparation or restoration of sub-base, base or top layers for pavement and road construction.

GreenMarket Solutions, Inc also offers injection treatment services for residential and small commercial properties.

Common applications

  • New and existing paved surfaces
  • Logging roads and rural country roads
  • Parking lots & driveways
  • Construction sites
  • Airports

Benefits of Using GMS Soil Stabilizer

  • Reduces soil expansiveness
  • Increases load bearing capacity
  • Provides soil stability for heavy equipment traffic on construction sites
  • Prevents common stabilization problems
  • Roadways: Reduces the occurrence of ruts, frost heaves, pot holes, and related problems
  • Reduces construction costs
  • Sub-grade stability reduces need for excavation and thickness of aggregate and other road building materials (road thickness)
  • Limits dust and surface material loss
  • Lowers road maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Products are designed to maximize the potential of soil’s characteristics while eliminating the generation of hazardous substances.
  • Processes allow energy and resource conservation