About GreenMarket Solutions



GreenMarket Solutions, Inc. (GMS) a Minority Business Enterprise based in Beaverton, Oregon, specializes in the sales and distribution of innovative, cost effective, green and sustainable products and services for soil stabilization, soil optimization, contaminated soil remediation, organic waste clean-up, and agricultural development.

The effective and environmentally-safe nature of our proprietary line of products and services promotes flexibility of applications for a wide range of projects.


Do you consider yourself “green”? We at GreenMarket Solutions, Inc, think everyone, regardless of their background, possesses an inherent “green” trait.

People like Grandpa Mynard are prime examples of this. Long before “green” and “sustainable” became the popular terms they are today, individuals like “Grandpa” Mynard Newton felt strongly about maintaining the environment through their own means.

“Grandpa” Mynard was the father of GreenMarket co–founder Rex Newton. Born in Missouri in the early part of the 20th century, Mynard moved to Oregon's Willamette Valley during the Depression. A rancher and farmer, he spent most of his time in the outdoors hunting and fishing to provide for his family.

Mynard loved the outdoors, and stubbornly refused to mar the beauty of nature. On elk hunting trips with Rex and his brothers in the mountains of Eastern Oregon, he would refuse to leave before all garbage, whether theirs or left by other camps, was picked up for disposal when they returned home.

“Leave it better than you found it,” Mynard would tell Rex.

Fast–forwarding to the present, GreenMarket Solutions still holds fast to that belief. Our staff is diverse and from different backgrounds – the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. Despite the diversity of our backgrounds — whether having grown up on a plantation in the Philippines, in San Francisco, in Kenya, or even a small town in Washington State, we feel that keeping the environment whole for our generation and generations to come, is of the utmost importance.

We agree with Grandpa Mynard, the Depression–Era farmer, and feel that deep down, most people from all walks of life probably share that common belief — that it's everyone's responsibility to keep the land clean, to foster a healthier environment with green and sustainable methods, and to ultimately, “Leave it better than you found it.”

Why Our Products are Green and Sustainable

Our products are designed to be environmentally-safe for our generation's use without any residual harm to the environment for future generations. The following support the safety of our products:

  • GMS products are designed to maximize the potential of a soil's characteristics while eliminating the generation of hazardous substances.
  • GMS products are derived from recycled materials.
  • GMS products and services prevent and leave no waste to treat or clean up.
  • GMS products are designed to break down to innocuous substances that do not accumulate in the environment.
  • GMS services allow energy and project resource conservation.