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GMS Soil Optimizer Case Studies

Hokkaido University, Agriculture Department

An earlier generation of the GMS Soil Optimizer product was applied to greenhouse plants, such as summer spinach. The tests determined the effect of salt content in the plants and the effect of the product application. Three separate sections were tested: a non-treated section, a section treated with Soil Optimizer, and a section with irrigation control. Soil Optimizer proved to be effective in reducing the amount of salt in the soil.

“At the time of harvest the crop of plants were better in the section treated with the Soil Optimizer. A soil analysis was done and no definitive difference was found among the nutritional contents among the three sections.

“The product promoted the removal of salts in the soil which allowed the root system to move more freely. This produced an increase in the size and quality of the crop at harvest.

Agricultural Test Station of Aomori Prefecture

Soil Optimizer was used to examine the effect of the product on the growth of radishes in a sand soil area. The testing was conducted while the vegetable was still growing. Upon completion, the growth of the non-treated section was poorest, while the section treated with Soil Optimizer x 500 (1 part Soil Optimizer per 500 parts water) had the best growth, followed by the section treated with Soil Optimizer x 200. The section of plantings with the least amount of damage was the section treated with Soil Optimizer x 600, while the non-treated section showed significant damage to the plants.

Confirmation Test of Application Effect of Soil Optimizer Desalting Agent"

“A brisk absorption of the respective nutrition was observed in the (Soil Optimizer) section, where the harvest was good, in comparison with other sections.”

Hokkaido University
Agriculture Department

Very effective in reducing the salt content of the soil. This application will, besides removing the salts, will allow the root system to move more freely and will result in an increase in the size and quality of the crop."

“Soil Treatment Affect Test of Soil Optimizer”

Aomori Prefecture
Sakyu Branch Station
Agricultural Test Station

The Ion Exchange phenomenon of the soil particles was promoted and it is clear that the property of the soil was improved.”

“It was observed that the treatment concentration and frequency at the above experiments could improve the properties of the soil, thereby preventing the occurrence of diseases and increasing the harvest amount.”

“Effect of Soil Optimizer”

Kobe University
Agriculture Department